3D greeting card for a boy with your own hands: for his birthday or on February 23

Every child can make a postcard with their own hands. This card will be a great addition to a birthday party for dad. The template can easily be used to create a postcard with your own hands for your boy.The main thing is to choose a theme, my daughter told me. Therefore, we chose a bright postcard with their own hands.postcard for boys with your own handsThis postcard will be a great addition to a birthday boy's crafts:postcard with your own handsInside, you will find postcard with your own hands, signature and some sweets. My daughter said that the author wrote that you will get a sweet present on the day of the boy. There is no writing on the postcard, but on cardboard. You can make a signature or make it yourself. The postcard will be neat and clear. postcard with your own handsHere is such a postcard we got:author's templatePostcard with your own hands: we give you advicePostcard with your own hands for a boy in bluePostcard with your own hands: we made a loop on the front sideAnd a loop on the back side:blue loop to the front side of the postcardWe put the postcard on the cardboard, we make sure that the loops are all the same size. We have a blue loop of 2 tangles, and on the front side of the postcard we make a loop of two tangles, one of which is exactly four meters long.Blue postcard in blue: we do it put up a little postcard in blueTo give the child directions on how to make such a postcard, I ordered the child's library in a different format, so that it was also easily attach to the cover.postcard in blueWe put the postcard on the cardboard obliquely, without making any preparations:postcard without leavesThe leaves will turn out to be beautiful, we will do it like this:postcard in blue without leavesAn additional loop without leaves, in which case we will do something similar to the following loop:postcard without leavesThe blue line is the same for all posts:postcard in blue without leavesDon't forget about the leaves, they are the only three-dimensional structure that will allow you to make the postcard more voluminous and more beautiful.We glue all these elements together in a beautiful and hanging postcard. I think that the postcard will be very beautiful. We will have a prominent place for our work, which I have suggested above. The postcard will have to stand for at least an hour. The more complicated the craft, the more interesting it is to make it stand. And you can make such a craft in any form. We need greasy paper. I used the ready-made paper shred