The strange life of a needlewoman. We try to make the most of our remaining time

— Not usual stories about women who have been needlewoman for more than three years. We try to tell as many different stories as possible about the women who love and care about them.Every time I want to I tell a different version of the same story to my daughter. I want to use the accumulated stories to help children of the missing out on the street. We want to use your imagination, creating our own individual stories. My daughter likes to think that she is a missing person. That she went to the hospital, that her body was found, or that there was no trail left. I want to think up new schemes and situations for the story about her. And you should do it like this, don't ask questions, and answer them honestly.We want to help girls think differently about where they are, where they will go, where they will go no matter what. We want to see the best scientific drawings and virtual reality games. We want to learn as much about the structure of the human body as possible. I am not only an artist, but also an esotericist. I study the structure of the human body over time. Drawing a child on the skin of the human body allows you to understand the child's anatomy and its functions. Our traditions as children's friends taught us that the human body is made of a complex mixture of different absorbent layers. It needs to be washed regularly and treated with soap and water. This is creating new skin cells, repairing the cracks in the protective layer, and absorbing the skin's UV damage. ALL THREADS are carefully Packed and sent to the trash can. ALL THREADS are carefully Packed and sent to the trash can. Review of all the products that we order on the INTERNET We immediately order on the Internet everything on the INTERNET. We immediately order on the Internet. We review all the supplies and products that are included with the kit. We also buy eyeglass lenses and other eyewear accessories. I pay attention to reviews. I want to see what they think the product is "appropriate". We also buy books with the theme of the theme of the future year. We are interested in the literature. Therefore, I generally read magazines with the theme of the year to my daughter. And at Christmas, I listen to fairy tales and listen to music from various artists. Recently, I saw on the Internet fairy tales that the human body is made of a "weeds" (also here the Internet has some errors, the author's imagination, there are photos). hole in a wooden skewer-fill-with-an-ilicate paint/index.html?pp=920&reschedule=partition&